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The courses follow a common pedagogical line throughout the Dante Agostini school network.
The curriculum is organized into stages: Initiation, Preparatory, Elementary, Middle and Superior.
At the end of each year, a plan of exams is provided by the Agostini Centre in Paris.
Each student is presented in front of a board constituted by professional musicians in order to certify their level.
The curriculum is validated by achieving the honour of the superior course for the most competent students.
The Initiation stage : I1, I2
This stage is spread over two years. It is the initiation stage of the method and it is addressed to the younger children, who, due to the first rhythmic elements, can be amused playing the drums.
The Preparatory stage : P1, P2, P3, P4
This stage is spread over four years. These beginners' courses are addressed to children as well as adults, allowing them to understand the bases of different rhythms, such as rock, latin and jazz. The technique taught by the end of this stage is more than sufficient for the student to be able to participate and play in various musical formations.
The Elementary stage : E1, E2, E3
This stage is spread over three years. The elementary courses allow drummers to apprehend the concepts taught at the Preparatory stage and to improve their technique of the instrument in order to be able to perform musical tracks and exercises using certain elements.

The Middle stage : M1, M2
This stage is spread over two years. The middle stage allows one to develop the concepts of improvisation and solo performance, and helps students to create their own musical footprint using their own technique and their own musical ideas.
The Superior stage
This stage is the final year of the Agostini studies and it is completed with the final exam which certifies the completion of the studies.

The National Superior Schools of Paris and Bordeaux
suggest a supplementary stage : the Excellence prize
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