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Une vie tambour battant
Dante Agostini: a name that is inseparable from drum teaching, an unparalleled work, composed of some thirty books dealing with the learning of this instrument.

Dante Agostini is a school that has trained many drummers over the last few decades and is now the emblematic school of drumming learning with more than 30 schools in France and about ten in Europe following the first European drum school created in 1964.

Today, more than half of the young drummers have been trained in an Agostini school.

Beyond the sometimes romantic life of this man who went through the political, cultural and musical transformations of the 20th century, the testimonies of Jacques François Juskowiak, Dominique Marseille, Christophe Deschamps, François Laizeau, Bertrand Renaudin, Stéphane Glory, Frank Filosa, Romuald Cabardos share with us the colourful personality, strong in humanist values, of this "educational musician" who has written his name in drum history.

A preferential rate is offered to students of the Dante Agostini Drum Schools (information from the headmaster of your school).
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