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Jacques-François Juskowiak
Jacques-François Juskowiak
Jacques-François Juskowiak began his drumming career in 1967 in Jacques Hélian's orchestra, playing alongside Dante Agostini from a very early age. He accompanies many show business stars and leads several major groups as a conductor, including TF1 and Antenne 2.

When Dante died, it was his heavy task to succeed him as the school's pedagogical director. Jacques-François Juskowiak will give it its own colour without altering any form of Dante Agostini's work.
Author of education reference books (Binary Rhythms with Dominique Marseille, System Drums and Tutti with Olivier Lacau), he is currently undoubtedly the most respected drum teacher in France.

He is also vice-president of the French Percussion Association.

For any drums student, not being around such a "Maître" would be a real waste of time.

Daniel Dumoulin
Director of the Dante Agostini Toulouse Drum School
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